What we stand for

The core business at PME is the development, process support and production of components and installations for fluid assisted injection moulding using water or gas cavity pressure technology.

We can also offer combined solution systems: CIT (Combined Injection Technology) so that both WIT and GIT processes can run simultaneously in one tool, as well as PIT (Projectile Injection Technology) systems. In combination with WIT optimal hollow section profiles are achievable with thin wall thickness. For example media lines for the automotive industry.

Another of our strenghts is that we can offer our own nitrogen generators. When combined with high pressure compressors and our standard GIT modules they can work in a far more energy efficiently than any other conventional system.

PME delivers hardware components, like process and injection units, and offers a customer application technology services up to the start of mass production. The manufacturer's project management can support at the tool design stage, with filling simulation, choice of material and automisation.

Since 2010 the PME WIT and GIT units are fitted with production recording equipment, called PDA (Production Data Acquisition). The advantage is the complete monitoring and documentation of all process relevant parameters.

Always forward looking and one step ahead!

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