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SPE-Award 2012 “GRAND INNOVATION AWARD (Powertrain)” for the production of a drain channel

PME and Teklas have developed an innovative process for the production of a drain channel. It combines the water injection technology (WIT) with the melt push back process and the blow molding technology with a core pulling process [WAB = Water Assisted Blowing].

"One simply has to look at this part to understand it", said Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Fernegel enthusiastically. “At the time one thinks this part has to be already stiff, the blow molding technology stretches the material to create the needed tolerance compensation. However the biggest innovation is the implementation of this idea as a double mould with the development of a new system engineering, in order to enable this process combination."


Gold Award for the KARRO wheelbarrow at the 10. MATERIALICA Design + Technology  Award 2012

Compared with other commercially available wheelbarrows the NEW invented wheelbarrow has convinced the jury with its various advantages. Decisive criteria were among other things innovation, engineering/design, market impetus and economy:

“This wheelbarrow is characterized by high stability, maximum running stability and a loading volume of 150 kg. It was designed on the basis of innovative lightweight design concepts that use water injection technology and the push-back process. The particularly low centre of gravity, the ergonomic handles and the functional rolling motion make it much easier to transport loads while saving energy. Conforming with food law requirements, good chemical resistance and also 100% recyclable material make the KARRO wheelbarrow unique.”



2012: PME was nominated for the German Industy Award in the category drive & fluid technology for its water injection technology (WIT).

An independent panel, consisting of professors, scientists and industry experts from the specific areas, evaluated submissions in 14 categories regarding to scientific, technological, economic and social trends.



SPE-Award 2010 “GRAND INNOVATION AWARD (Powertrain)” for the V-space-module (Hengst)

The Hannover-based Internationale Gesellschaft für Kunststofftechnik e.V. presented PME its SPE Automotive Division Award 2010 for Hengst's multifunctional V-space-module.

"Made-to measure in a most limited space: This plastic module is mounted in the V-space module and consolidates five functions in a space saving manner. It replaces the sand-cast part that had been used so far. The centrepiece is a Y-duct with two unsymmetrical and complex ducting paths combined with a sealed surface including integrated sealing groove to the engine block and other connecting components. The componets are produced by a combined fluidinjection process."




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