The cavity pressure measurement and analysis of the PME WIT-units offers various ranges of applications:

  • Continuous evaluation of the measured data in the production data acquisition
  • Steady monitoring of the mould filling
    If the predefined minimal pressure is not achieved during the melt injection, the injector does not open and no water is injected into the component.
  • Real time comparison of the cavity pressure and water pressure before injector opening
    If the water pressure is not higher than a predefined value to the mould internal pressure of the melt, the injector opening is also stopped. A senseless filling of the mould is therefore prevented and no reject parts are produced and this leads in turn to a minimization of the current production costs.
  • Use of defined pressure values as a signal for the change of the injection steps
  • Cavity pressure dependent switching modes


The software module “cavity pressure measuring” is available for all PME units from the production series powermodul, cube and cuboid and can be retrofitted at any time.

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