Projectile process

After finishing the filling phase of the cavity, the fluid is pushing the projectile through the component. The special injectors which contain the projectile must be reloaded newly for every cycle. Contrary to the normal fluid technology, it is possible to reach a thinner wall thickness (< 3 mm) at bigger pipe cross sections (> 20 mm) with this technology.
This works in principle with gas or water. The pressuredependent volume flow control of PME offers here particularly great advantages because it regulates directly the forerun speed of the projectile, prevents a "spinning" and this ensures an evenly smooth surface. At pressure regulated units, however, the forerun speed is self-adjustable; proportional to the existing pressure fluctuations.

The geometry of the component should be designed constantly circular over the complete length, without any neckings and flattenings. Typical fields of application are therefore simple cooling water pipes, also charge air ducts with a bigger diameter (> 20 mm).

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