The decentralized, compact basic unit

Despite of its small dimensions of approx. 200 x 400 x 400 mm (incl. handles), the PME valve N₂ is equipped with all required functions.

Optional one or two high-precision proportional valves with integrated pressure control and electrical direct drive are located in the valve N₂ case. By means of an adapter plate it is mounted close to the mould on the injection moulding machine. Due to the fact that the mobile control unit with touch screen can control up to four valves, an optimal process adjusting is carried out.

Every control valve can optionally get a bypass valve for the residual pressure shut-down. Furthermore it is possible to enter for each valve up to 10 injection steps with time, ramp and pressure as well as a delay time related to the start signal of the injection moulding machine. The inlet pressure is of course monitored process-adaptively and provides only that amount of pressure that the current process actually needs.

Through this, huge energy costs and CO₂ emission can be saved. The graphic illustrates up to 100 recorded curves.

Type Control unit Regulation unit Valves / regulation unit Total amount of valves
1-valve 1 1 1 1
2-valves 1 1 2 2
4-valves 1 2 2 3

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