The central N₂ pressurisation

The PME N₂ high-pressure compressor is an ideal pressure supply for several connected machines with a central supply line.
The three-level compressor compresses the nitrogen with an inlet pressure of 0,1 – 0,3 bar to the pressure which is needed for the GIT process up to 350 bar. Through interlinking the PME N₂ Generator, preferably with integration of PME control equipment, the process-adaptive pressure and consumption regulation becomes fully effective and provides great potential for reducing energy costs and CO₂ emission reduction.

Type Compressor capacity [Nm³/h] Inlet pressure [bar] Max. pressure [bar]
0,3/15/350 approx. 15 0,1 – 0,3 350
0,3/30/350 approx. 30 0,1 – 0,3 350

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