Nitrogen production with the highest purity & efficiency

Nitrogen purity up to 99.999%! The PME N₂ Generator produces this highly purified nitrogen from compressed air via a PSA filter system with charcoal filter. Among other things, the achieved purity level of the nitrogen becomes more and more important for the industry, e.g. for the precise laser cutting of V2A and V4A plates. By using the N₂ Generator, there is no need for a gas supplier on the one hand and on the other hand nitrogen is only generated when it is required [no storage costs].

The purity can be provided and regulated via the control system. This is monitored with the Zirk-Sens measurement technology which is integrated into the Closed-Loop regulation.
For a process-adaptive consumption control, the system is optionally prepared for networking to the compressor and the control equipment. Through this enormous energy costs and CO₂ emission can be saved.

Three sizes are available; dependent on the required amount of gas and purity.

Type Outout* [Nm³/h]
7/3 3
7/6 6
7/12 12

*Max. Production output of nitrogen at 99.999% purity and 8 bar inlet pressure

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