The combined module:
- with a hydraulic unit [modular WIT-unit of 4 – 16 valves]
- with an integrated water tank [recycling & return of the process water – no costs for process water]

The PME cuboid WATER TANK unites the functions of the PME cube WATER TANK and cube HYDRAULIC in one housing, adjusted to the basis module cuboid MASTER.
The process water that was used before for the blow-out procedure of the melt is taken by the cuboid WATER TANK and then recycled in an internal PME filter system. A pump with 6 bar operating pressure leads then the recycled water back into the water cycle of the customer’s cooling system. The regular process water costs are thus negligible. The PME cuboid MASTER also takes on the control here and carries out the volume regulation and overflow monitoring via the integrated sensors in the tank.

The hydraulic area is equipped with its own high pressure hydraulic pump with a post-connected accumulator. From there the installed 4/3 way valves [4, 8, 16] are supplied with an oil pressure of 160 bar. The operating pressure and speed are separately adjustable at each valve. Up to 8 valves can be directly integrated into the housing. If the valves are installed as valve terminals directly at the injection moulding machine, up to 16 valves can be directly controlled. The relocated valves are connected with the flow line and return flow of the central oil supply and controlled via the bus system. Furthermore, the system is equipped with an oil tank with integrated cooling, a filter system that is monitored for pollution as well as an electronic temperature, oil level and oil pressure monitoring. The evaluation is carried out centrally in the PME cuboid MASTER.

The PME cuboid WATER TANK unites increasing environmental awareness with an economic use.

Type Total numbers of
4/3 way valves
Numbers of integrated
4/3 way valves
Numbers of external 4/3 way
valves as external valve terminal
System pressure
max. [bar]
H 4-valves 4 4 4 160
H 8-valves 8 8 8 160
H 16-valves 16   16 160

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