The self-sustaining solution with integrated booster, mobile valves & optional hydraulic function

The PME cuboid N₂ is different from the PME cube N₂ with regards to the arrangement of the valves. Here up to four valves are prepared for the external installation directly to the injection moulding machine.
By placing them close to the mould, the leads between the proportional valves and the mould can be kept extremely short. Through this a drastic reduction of the gas consumption is possible on the one hand and on the other hand the negative influences of the compressibility of the gas during the control are minimized.

The booster with two storage cylinders and a maximum pressure of 300 bar, which is provided as standard, makes the system independent of an external nitrogen pressure supply. The inlet pressure is of course monitored process-adaptively and provides only as much pressure as the current process needs. Through this, enormous energy costs and CO₂ emission can be saved.

The PME cube HYDRAULIC Module enables also for the CUBOID N2 all required mould functions, e.g. opening and closing of closing mechanisms or to control the active injector directly close to the process.

Type Numbers of valves Booster
1-valve 1 yes
2-valves 1 yes
4-valves 2 yes

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