The innovative modular WIT system for 1 -2 servo pump units [combinable modules]

With the modular build up PME cube configuration system it is possible to arrange the required WIT system for any application with 1-2 cavities. The cube MASTER as a basic version contains besides a servo pump unit a controller who regulates all further modules and interfaces as well as a mobile terminal with touch screen monitor for the operation of the entire unit. A high pressure ball valve with 4 air pressure valves is part of the respective servo pump unit. These are put on an external valve terminal and are fastened close to the injection molding machine as a unity.

The cube SLAVE is the extension module for a second servo pump unit.
This is installed to the basic version cube MASTER which then also regulates the second servo pump unit [plug & play]. Interesting is that the servo pumps can be operated one by one or connected in parallel. The result is a system which can be used for two single or one big mould cavity. The higher total volume flow of parallel running servo pumps can be used on the one hand for the reduction of the blow out time as well as for the acceleration of the inflation before injector opening with air bubble in front of and short injection time of the melt.

Type Number of
Volume flow per
pump  max. [l/min]
Total volume
flow max. [l/min]
Pump pressure
max. [bar]
Number of
air valves
Master 17/240 1 17 17 240 4
Slave 17/240 1 17 34* 240 4
Master 19/240 1 19 19 240 4
Slave 19/240 1 19 38* 240 4

*by using parallel connection of MASTER and SLAVE for one component

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