The hydraulic power unit as a modular WIT unit [4 -16 hydraulic functions]

The PME cube HYDRAULIC enlarges the unit type cube MASTER as well as the types cube N₂ and cuboid N₂ with a self-sufficient hydraulic system. There the process relevant switching functions in the mould are controlled. The power supply and control is carried out via the PME cube MASTER, cube N₂ or cuboid N₂. These basic modules also take on the monitoring of the limit switch signals of the individual functions for the cube HYDRAULIC.

Moreover, the cube HYDRAULIC has an own high pressure hydraulic pump with a downstream connected accumulator. The installed 4/3 ways valves [4, 8, 12, 16] are provided with an oil pressure of 160 bar from there. Main pressure and speed are separately adjustable at every valve. Up to 8 valves can be integrated directly in the cube HYDRAULIC. Up to 16 valves can be controlled if the valves are installed on a valve terminal directly at the injection moulding machine. The relocated valves are connected with feed and return line to the central oil supply and are controlled via the BUS system. Furthermore the unit has an oil tank with an integrated cooling, a filter system which is monitoring the pollution as well as the electronic temperature, oil level and oil pressure control. The evaluation is carried out centrally in the PME cube MASTER.

Type Complete numbers of
4/3 ways valves
Numbers of integrated
4/3 ways valves
Numbers of external 4/3 ways 
valves as valve terminal 
System pressure
max. [bar]
H 4-times 4 4 - 160
H 8-times 8 8 - 160
H 12-times 12 - 12 160
H 16-times 16 - 16 160

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