Our origin - our maxim

A decade of success in the field of high-tech and top performance:
2011 PMEfluidtec Ltd. celebrated its 10th anniversary in the market.

PME was founded in 2001 by Friedrich Westphal in Kappel-Grafenhausen in S.W. Germany. Originally established to provide automation solutions, today PMEfluidtec is an experienced specialist precision engineering company in the field of fluid injection (WIT/GIT). The company's installations combine optimum fuctionality and user friendliness.

As well as continual high quality standards, environment protection practices always play a central role at PME.

A further key element of the company's success is the extensive know-how of their employees. This forms the basis of our customer service, product and consultation achievement, which is tailored to the individual needs of our customers. For these reasons PME sets great importance by the comprehensive analytical advice from previous experience between GIT, WIT, CIT and PIT so that the customer can choose the system to best serve their needs.

Friedrich Westphal's maxim is, and always will be, "Always looking to move forward and strive for the best".

Trust, Partnership and Innovation!

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