SPE-Award 2012 “GRAND INNOVATION AWARD (Powertrain)”

PME won this award for its innovative process for the production of the drain channel (manufacturer Teklas), called “WAB - Water Assisted Blowing“.

WAB combines the water injection technology with the melt push back process and the blow molding technology with core puller technology. Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Fernegel expressed enthusiastically "You simply have to look at this part to realize it". In that phase in which you think that the part should already be solid the blow molding technology steps into the process to elongate the material and to achieve a tolerance compensation.”  The biggest innovation is, however, the implementation of this idea as a two cavity mould and the required development of a new machine equipment that enables this process combination.

This is the 1st place for the second time.
2010 won PME with the V-space module of Hengst.


For further information please click www.spe-ce.de/award.

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