Multi shot technology

The 2-component process is a continued widespread application for this. The frontal flow of the melt is used for the layer build-up when it streams into the cavity, thus the cavity gets filled successively from the gate. The first injected moulding compound becomes the outer layer and the second compound is used for the formation of the inner layer. In dependence of these reproducible processes appropriately many layers have to be formed. After finishing these processes, the cavity formation is done by using a fluid. With a corresponding mould design, it is possible to use the melt push back process for each layer.
The main objective is to combine the features of several materials in an optimal way to reduce costs by building layers with

recyclates or reasonably priced materials or to increase the strength of the component.

Additionally layers can be brought in as a barrier for pipes which are used for volatile matters like petrol or cooling medium. It is possible to combine two different types of material for one pipe. One of these materials which have the feature of chemical resistance is getting used as inner layer and the outer material has the feature to absorb outer forces. For components like handles and armrests it is vice versa: the inner material has to absorb the forces and the outer material is used to get a high-quality surface. [TPE instead of a soft touch coating or PA 12 instead of a coating against UV radiation].

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