Gas Injection Units

Gas Injection Technology: Optimized gas injection technology – that is what PME GIT units offer their customer

            the decentralized, compact basis system
            the stand-alone solution with integrated valves, booster & optional hydraulic function
            the stand-alone solution with an integrated booster, mobile valves & optional hydraulic function
            an own nitrogen production with highest purity & efficiency
            the central N₂ pressure production

Based on the complex water injection technology, PME has adopted essential and helpful elements for its GIT process equipment. The PME cube N₂ or cuboid N₂ provides for example a clearly structured user interface inclusive control of the process-specific switching function of the hydraulic power unit.

On the part of PME, great value is attached for energy efficiency, saving process costs and environmental awareness for the gas injection technology. Thus, it is possible to regulate processadaptively the pressure generation and gas supply via a BUS-system and to hold up only the pressure in the system that is currently needed for the running process. Since 2005 in the portfolio, the PME GIT units cover the complete spectrum of the required process equipment.

selection criteria:

The unit type PME  VALVE N₂ is suitable, if

  • small gas mixtures are component-specifically available [installation at the mould clamping plate]
  • so space for operating resources is available at the injection moulding machine
  • a decentralized pressure generation is available


The unit type PMEfluidtec CUBE N₂ is suitable, if

  • one works with nitrogen cylinder bundles
  • the cylinder volume shall be used completely
  • the process-specific switching function shall be used plausible in the process


The PME CUBOID N₂ is suitable to use analogously to the unit type CUBE N₂. However, the installation of the valves is carried out directly at the injection moulding machine [ gas and cost reduction, minimization of the negative influences of the compressibility of gas].


brief – concise - precise - your advantages with PME:

  • integrated hydraulic function for the mould
  • reduced costs for energy due to the servo pump technology
  • integrated hot runner control
  • optional flushing process

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