For every application the suitable one

A wide variety of PME injectors for the water injection technology provides product-specific solutions for every single application.

  • PME Slider Injectors
            with a needle diameter of 4 - 20 mm, 1mm pitch
  • PME Projectile Injectors
            slider injector with projectile seats of 10 – 20mm, 1 mm pitch
  • PME Injection Injector Cartridge
            for the installation into the mould with radial or axial water discharge
  • PME Flush Injector Cartridge
            for the installation into the mould for the flushing process

The unique features of all PME Injectors:

The oil hydraulic function which is integrated into the injector needle enables the precisel opening and fastening of the injector needles which are monitored for end position [drive/ end position monitoring via a PME WIT-unit].

An integrated vacuum system and the sophisticated labyrinth seal as well as the metallic needle sealing with thermal decoupling of the injector head leads to the complete sealing between the injector surrounding and the component. Furthermore, the strictly separated sealing of the oil and water hydraulic with visual leakage detection prevents reliably the mutually mixing of both media. These functions provide high process reproducibility.

All necessary media connections for the slider injector like water, oil and vacuum are placed on the rear side slide plate which is the base for the slider injector. For the cartridge injectors the media connectors are led via the base mould to the outside. Both injector types are placed on the mould parting line [service friendliness for (dis-) assembling].
The constructive and well thought-out design of the injectors (e.g. drillings) provides a fast cleaning in case of pollution of the injector.

Of course all injectors are tested by PME with a high-pressure long-time test with low viscosity fluid. During this dynamic process no leakage may occur at closed needle position. The extremely long life time of the injectors is owed to the PME characteristic seal system [metallic needle seal with thermal decoupling of the injector head] – highest precision guaranteed over years!

If no PME standard injectors can be used, PME applies component-specific designed injectors.

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