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PME press-release

Top marks: “red dot award 2013” for the KARRO wheelbarrow

March 2013
PME-press release

PME fluidtec und ENGEL AUSTRIA have sealed their partnership

February 2013
PME-press release

KARRO wheelbarrow of PMEfluidtec wins
the 10th MATERIALICA Design + Technology Award 2012

October 2012
PME-press release

PMEfluidtec GmbH: SPE-Award 2012

July 2012
Menges Werkstoffkunde 2011
December 2011
PME-press release

PMEfluidtec GmbH celebrates its 10th anniversary

September 2011
PME-press release

WIT (Water Injection Technology) produces
multifunctional V-space module:

why water works

August 2010
PME-press release

WIT for two component pipes

May 2008
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