Custom made injectors

PME Injector Type 00140
The field of application are components, particularly media leads, where the channel end is plane to the starting line. The injector has a needle diameter of 10 – 18 mm (1 mm pitch) and is installed radially to the parting line in a permanent manner.
PME Injector punch type
This injector is used when a hole has to be punched into the component specifically for the water injection. The water is then also removed later from the component through the same hole. The punching function is performed by a separate oil circuit with end position monitoring. To avoid the penetration into the injector needle with the melt, the blow-out process takes place as soon as the needle enters into the component. A specially developed sealing system prevents water leakages between needle and component.
PME Injektor contour type
A complete clamping system for a pipe body has been integrated here into the injector head. Despite its complex geometry, the injector has all the benefits of PME well-known injector technologies.
PME Injector multi-function injector block type
If a mould cannot be equipped with a hot runner valve-gate, an injector block is used which is additionally to its injector function equipped with a hydraulic driven locking piston. The sprue of the injection moulding machine can be closed over the block before the water is injected. The block is placed between the sprue and the component.

PME Injector type ejector-injector block
This development of PME takes effect at injectors which must be integrated at the component so that an ejector function is required.
In our case the ejector pins of the ejector plate can be led directly by the injector.

PME Servo-Injector Type 00148
This servor-injector distinguished itself due to the completely oil free and fatless function. Especially in the area of medicine and food applications is this of particular importance. If the production is carried out on an electrical injection molding machine, then the oil hydraulic is completely not necessary by using this servo driven injector.
The risk of pollution by the oil hydraulic is therefore excluded.

The unique features of all PME Injectors are also available in our customized solutions.

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