Continuous temperature control

Due to the fact that the material viscosity is decisive for the process reproducibility, it is useful to gather this cyclically by means of the melt temperature. A temperature sensor located at the mould contour wall monitors the temperature curve during the melt injection with reaction times less than 0.05 seconds. When applying the PME production data acquisition this parameter can be used for the process monitoring.

The monitoring of the melt temperature which is measured directly at the component wall enables now the targeted use of the flushing process.
During the flushing process a direct comparison of TARGET and ACTUAL temperature of the component surface takes place. If the ACTUAL temperature is less than the TARGET temperature, the flushing process is switched off. The active flushing process time is gathered and can be used in turn for the PME production data acquisition to the process monitoring.

With an integrated hot runner control and the use of one sensor each nearby the sprue and the component end, a compensation of viscosity variations can be carried out.
The software module “mould temperature measurement” is available as an option for all PME units of the production series powermodul, cube and cuboid and can be retrofitted at any time.

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