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Depending on the project level and the experience in the field of fluid injection, PME can at any time of the project phase step in an accompanying role either to supervise individual areas of responsibilities or to take over the entire engineering services. Experience shows that early involvement is important for the purposeful development and planning regarding component design and suitable fluid injection process with the result of mass production.

Generating synergies - joining interfaces

  • Component design
    Based on the ideas of the customer, PME develops the component design; if required with complete mechanical computation [finite element analysis] and if requested with fill-simulations in 2D, 2½ D or 3 D.
  • Process engineering
    PME's know-how and experience is fundamental for the selection of the suitable component-specific fluid injection method.
  • Mould design
    PME will project-manage the elementary fluid-specific mould design for the mould maker. PME is also pleased to support the customer for the subsequent purchase of the completed injection mould.
  • Material selection
    The customer is supported by PME’s extensive experience concerning different plastic materials and can rely on a comprehensive network of well-known specialists of material suppliers/manufactures in case of completely new applications.
  • Construction of a fluid injection unit
    PME defines component-specifically the injector design as well as the WIT- / GIT-unit respectively in order to achieve high-quality for mass production.
  • Project management
    “From concept to start of mass production” - PME understands by this that the complete project is supervised and supported up to the smooth running of mass production. Monitoring various steps like mould construction and project progression, component sampling and starting trouble-free mass production are part of our consulting activity concerning project interpretation and automatisation.
  • Training
    PME offers various training programmes – ranging from dealing with the design department, the mould construction, the application technology or the machine operators.
  • Test center
    To ensure the functionality and quality of the components permanently, PME offers stress and load tests according to the required [non-]automotive standards. Furthermore, it is possible to carry out hydrolysis tests on the component.
  • Support of mass production
    The running of the production process is monitored here. The components are checked for constant reproducibility of the required standard of quality and further pre-defined parameters. Additionally PME analyses the automatisation process and, if necessary, optimizes it. The result is high-qualtiy and trouble-free mass production.

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