Capturing. Analysing. Documenting.

For the complete process documentation, PME has developed its own software for the capability analysis of the fluid injection technology [FIT] and its complete cyclical proof. By using this additional software, it is possible to retrieve in real-time all relevant analogous and digital process data of the running fluid injection process.

According to customer defined tolerances and set points, graphical and statistical evaluation is carried out cyclically and provides the customer in a fast and easy way with a clear summery of the current quality level. Depending to set tolerances and the target/actual comparison, a "good part/reject part" detection is carried out and passed on via Euromap 62 to the output device which is then starting the end sorting with regard to the NIO selection.

The production is stopped automatically when a customer defined number of reject parts is reached and therefore the scrap rate/production costs is reduced to a minimum.
The production data acquisition is available as an option for all PME units for the series PME powermodul, cube and cuboid and can be retrofitted at any time.

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