Top marks: red dot award "product design 2013" for PME

The innovative power of PME impressed the 37-member jury of experts for the “red dot award: product design 2013”. Only the best designs were able to win the enthusiasm of the jury, which is how the KARRO wheelbarrow received the red dot for its successful design creation.

Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, initiator and CEO of the red dot, has pointed out that strong design competence and economic success nowadays go hand in hand: “The winners of the ‘red dot award: product design 2013’ are the protagonists of a highly developed design culture and design industry. These days it is becoming more and more difficult to distinguish between well-designed products. It is often only in the details that the special qualities become apparent. However, those product creations that pass for the test before the critical eyes of the international red dot jury will not disappear into the crowd and will be able to fend off global competition.”

Quality re-defined:
lightweight, eco-friendly, reliable - KARRO wheelbarrow - a wheelbarrow re-invented

This barrow is not only convincing with its high stability and durability but with its 8,5 kg it is also the lightest on the market. The particular low mounted center of gravity, the ergonomic handle and the function-related roll motion are decisive for the extremely easy and effort-saving transport. Additional features like food conformity, good chemical resistance, rust resistance and 100% recyclable material makes it unique. At first designed with a load bearing capacity of 150 kg, further models are now in planning to match the various fields of applications. "Quality re-defined!" This is achieved by know-how and a innovative production processes by using Water Injection Technology and melt push back procedure for the cavity formation of the tube frame. Developed for gardening supplies, leisure/hobby, food industry, construction industry and agribusiness – best choice everywhere!

The awards ceremony for the seal of quality that is recognised worldwide takes place on 1 July 2013 as part of the traditional red dot gala. The ceremony – held in Essen’s opera house, the impressive Aalto Theater – is always the final highlight of the “red dot award: product design” and over the past years has become established as a celebratory ceremony with international guests. The KARRO wheelbarrow will then be put on display during a four-week special exhibition in the red dot design museum.

Functionality particularly in detail, e.g. regarding the ergonomic handels “One has the wheelbarrow simply under better control“ and the rational designed rollover function, that makes a relaxed emptying possible.

The wheelbarrow, awarded several times in the past, is available in various color combinations!

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