Presentation of a new prduct innovation on the K-Show 2013

Cool Jetting by PME

This new and innovative technology was developed in cooperation with the Institute of Plastics Proecessing IKV Aachen University as well as with Thilo Stier Innovation Manager at AKRO-PLASTIC.

Cool Jetting combines the conventional Water Injection Technology with Gas Injection Technology. the advantages of both processes are used so that the excellent cooling effect of the water can be applied in a conventional GIT process. Thus, a reduction of of the cooling time up to 30% is possible.

What is the role of the PME PowerJet?

The PME PowerJet allows, in interaction with standard GIT equipment, the injection of a two-phase mixture. If you already operate a GIT system, it only takes a few adjustments in your mold design. Then the unique advantages of the Cool Jetting process can be used.

Why is the Cool Jetting Process so efficient?

The Cool Jetting process works just like a GIT process. With a special injector, the water from the PME PowerJet is metered into the gas stream. The process gas serves as carrier gas for the water. The high-precision metering control system enables a reproducible adjustment of the mixing ratio between gas and water.


With the PME PowerJet, you can achieve a maximum cooling time reduction in your GIT process in combination with low investment.






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