PME Carboflow CO₂ Technology - the further development...

In a direct comparison with the gas injection technology (GIT) the cooling times can be reduced here by approx 60% on average. The crux of the matter is the use of CO2 instead of N2 as propellant fluid. N2  is tended to be used then when the water can not be removed from the part or when the used polymer ist not water-compatible. This is exactly where the new PME Carboflow CO2 technology steps in.
The CO2 is injected into the part as a liquid and forms the cavity in a first step. As a next step the internal pressure of the part is reduced under control so that the CO2 can vaporize thus the part is moreover cooled down from the inside. A servo-injector developed especially for this procedure enables a high reproducible process control.







  picture 1: PME Carboflow CO2 Servo-Injector


Besides the traditionally established processes like gas and water injection technology (GIT/WIT) as well as the new PME Carboflow CO2 technology and projectile technology (PIT), PME provides all systems for combined solutions.  With these combined solutions GIT and WIT processes are running simultaneously in one mould. To achieve an optimal cavity formation with thin wall thicknesses in connection with extremely short cycle times and high process stability the projectile injection technology in combination with WIT or Carboflow CO2 is expedient for this; for example for media pipes.







                                                                                  picture 2: Media Pipe – Carboflow CO2 with PIT - Process

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