PME and Moldex3D: comprehensive and high performance simulations for the fluid assisted injection molding!


Our new partnership with the company CoreTech Systems / Moldex3D offers our customers even more opportunities for the purposeful project implementation and a smooth production.

Moldex3D is the world leading CAE software solution for the plastic injection molding industry.
The software has a modular structure and offers individual solutions to each user.

For example the user can analyze and optimize any type of cooling geometries and gate location. Vario-thermal cooling or coupled warping for multi component systems are only a small excerpt of the simulation capabilities which Moldex3D offers to its users.

Undesirable developments at the product and mold design stage can be avoided. Furthermore, the development time and thus the development costs are reduced.

PME will support CoreTech Systems with the further development and improvement of the module for the simulations of the water injection technology. Moldex3D for WIT offers the customer a comprehensive 3D solution for the simulation of the water injection process. The user gets an insight how the water behaves inside of the component. This allows an optimization of the process as well as the optimization of the mold design.

With Moldex3D WIT the customer benefits through many advantages such as:

  • Design validation and optmization with the visualization of the complex process
  • The digital prototype enables the users to get insights into a complete cycle and to reduce development costs

Water injection technology is automatically used when the cross-section and the channel length become too big  for the gas injection technology. An even more important reason to use WIT instead of GIT is the smaller residual wall thickness and lower warpage.

Economic reasons for WIT are the considerably shorter cycle times and the non-incurred fluid costs by using water. For large quantities this can lead to a reduction of the investment costs by up to 50%.


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